20 September 2014 — 05:09

FC Barcelona overcomes Osasuna

FC Barcelona came a step closer to a Copa del Rey semifinals final night after a 4-0 win opposite Osasuna in a Nou Camp. Bother Cesc Fabregas as good as Lionel Messi scored 2 goals each, a second carrying been approaching to skip a compare due to influenza as good as sitting roughly all of a compare out.

Barcelona fast got in to their stride, distinct Ream Madrid a night prior to who had left dual goals down in a initial half, call manager Jose Mourinho to discuss it a press which he would have altered all eleven players during half time if he’d been able. While Real Madrid got behind in to a diversion to win 3-2 opposite Malaga, Osasuna never unequivocally got in to a compare during all, with frequency twenty p.c possession.

The initial idea came from Cesc, set up by Alves as good as Xavi as good as once some-more ultimate child Cuenca valid which he has a little genuine intensity for a future. Xavi set up Cesc’s 2nd idea inside twenty mins after a duration of probably relentless attack. Osasuna contingency have felt they'd no chance. It looked as they Barcelona should urge their measure via a 1st half, though a mangle came with a 2-0 scoreline in Barcelona’s favor.

The second half proposed with Barcelona upon a attack as good as were hapless not to have once been awarded a penalty. On 3 occasions it looked similar to Bara should be awarded a chastisement though a arbitrate suspicion otherwise. But Lionel Messi, who had asked Pep Guardiola to let him fool around after replying good to diagnosis for his flu, came upon as good as a rest of a compare was his.

His initial idea came in a 74th notation when he headed a round in to a net after Osasuna unsuccessful to transparent it from their area; Messi was euphoric, as were his associate players. And in damage time there was time for a single final idea as Xavi found Messi upon a side of a box – an additional idea for a Argentine.

The outcome of a FC Barcelona v Osasuna compare equates to which Osasuna has effectively since up upon a Copa del Rey, a manager observant which they'll concentration upon their joining matches.

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